Welcome to Burgani Services Limited

We provide a unique blend of world class expertise services. Our team is made up of the finest of professionals in relation to every area of our business. This makes us a formidable team that delivers efficiently across multiple industry verticals. It is our belief that consultants should deliver sustainable and not just results but measurable results to our clients. We share our clients' aspiration and deliver true results. Our team of experts shares that passion for quality results, and we bring experience and fresh perspectives to each client engagement.

Commitment Statement

Ingrained in every service we deliver, our first goal is to provide our clients with superior customer satisfaction, which starts with our quality processes. Whether we are providing services for Financial sector, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Technological solutions, Manufacturing, Power, Large Medium or Small scale businesses, our processes are tailored and bespoke from start to finish. We ensure our clients receive the attention, quality, and ROI they deserve.

Service Units

Recruitment & Outsourcing (R & O)

The quality of our services is demonstrated through tailored recruitment or outsourcing solutions to the human resources systems development. We use the most proven methods and techniques to deliver any requirement of manpower with timely approach. The company's aim is just not to create business built upon meeting expectations but also by focusing upon a wide process of organizational development that addresses issues such that succession planning, superior work force development, key employee retention, talent management and organization design.

Our R & O services are provided using the cutting-edge technology, a committed team, and revitalized processes that:

  • Improves the efficiency of the recruitment and placement processes.
  • Reduces times for sourcing candidates for recruitment.
  • Reduces the cluster of unqualified candidates that enter the recruitment pipeline by providing the pre-screening and re-screening facilities.
This approach allows customers:
  • Reduced cost-per-hire and time-to-hire;
  • Enhance direct recruitment marketing; particular emphasis on web initiatives;
  • Increased quality-of-hire;
  • Acquire the best talent in competitive marketplace;
  • Reduced attrition and improved retention rates;
  • Flexible recruitment costs allow you to manage budget effectively.
  • Create a centralized and dedicated recruitment process for the business;
  • Define a leading sourcing strategy including Marketing and networking;
  • Flexibility when embarking on hiring projects;
  • Reduce risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives;
  • Remove administrative duties, including negotiation and contract formulation;
  • Focus on HR business issues and strategic activities.
Human Resources On boarding (BurgHR)

When your business is growing, there is always a sense of more grounds to cover. Business owners always have a feeling of constant targets needs to be met. From hiring and training to cover new grounds, to benefit coordination and performance evaluations, your investment of time can quickly add up. Most business owners probably spend a lot of time on these non-productive tasks, which clearly, many are HR-related. Good News! BurgHR is here to provide comfort and ease. A lot of business owners hire office administrators who are saddled with responsibilities of HR, statistics has shown us that 20% of these hire trust their abilities to manage HR without making a mistake, you may want to reconsider.

Bundling us into your system, BurgHR seamlessly becomes your HR department with full control just like we are part of your business team. You will receive bespoke support tailored to suit your business' specific needs with dependable strategic and tactical services you can rely on. If you have not given serious thought to outsourcing, the range of tasks that can be offloaded to us might surprise you. As our client, you'll be assigned a dedicated, experienced professional to handle all of your HR needs, including:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • On-boarding
  • Performance Management
  • Development of Policies, Procedures, & Processes
  • Development of Career Paths
  • Defining Training & Development Needs
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits Management
Benefits of Using BurgHR
  • Experience: We have first hand experience facilitating HR services across industry ladder. Our HR professionals strive to be just the best and providing you with the best of services you can get anywhere around. Our level of professionalism is second to none.
  • Cost: Outsourced HR services will reduce your overhead cost significantly while you still enjoy a professional service as well by getting us on board instead of having a full-time qualified HR Professional, cost of training and retraining will be cut as well among other costs.
  • Flexible & Quick Adaptive Services: Full documentation of all HR processes allows other member of our team to step in and provide support when necessary. You do not have not bother with an individual holding down a specific duty or responsibilities. We also customize everything we do just to sooth you.
  • Resources: Access to iBurgHR, an HRM & payroll solution that helps with employee directory, company calendar, request forms, leave modules, loan modules, absence management, work reports, at cost effective charges.
Training and Development (BurgTD)

Providing your workforce with skills and knowledge enhances your organizational agility, maximizes efficiency, motivates your people, improves productivity and boosts your bottom line. We offer you world-class training and courses from industry experts – all designed for different levels of ability to address the precise needs of your organization and industry. Burgani trainings are built on the vast knowledge and experience that our partners bring to the learning environment. Burgani addresses the needs for individuals and corporations to develop professional (management and technical) skills in a flexible learning format.

We provide customized training across Nigeria and around the globe. We provide training in various fields including Management, Oil and Gas, Travel and Tourism, Administration, Engineering, Projects, Accounts & Finance etc. Our training has direct impact on the productivity and profitability baseline of individuals and corporate organizations that has passed through our threshold.

Our partnerships with top institutions around the world, like Harvard business school and other prestigious institutions, and commitment to working with you to meet these challenges will remain our principal focus and will guide our values and actions.

Using our cutting edge resources, we provide developmental solutions. We conduct a baseline survey within organization to ensure getting maximum productivity from every employee and tools deployed. We are able to figure out redundant processes slowing down business, policies that needs amendments, actions of the organizations that needs to be improved or total overhauled. All this and more that the advantages of engaging the BurgTD at a high competitive rate and achieving robust result. Our recommendations drives the your organization to 3 folds productivity with upwards projections guaranteed.

We strategically pick our courses to help:
  • Increases job satisfaction and morale among employees.
  • Increases employee motivation.
  • Increases efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.
  • Increases capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.
  • Increases innovation in strategies and products.
  • Reduces employee turnover.
  • Increases measurable productivity.

Our Strategic Approach for Effectiveness and Business Impact

Whether you are addressing a selective recruitment needs or a complete enterprise solution, a strategic recruitment capability is required. Burgani provides the strategic approach you need to achieve business impact, applying a best-practice engagement methodology that spans key areas of activity, including:


  • Determine Workforce Planning Strategy;
  • Assess Employment Brand;
  • Identify Gaps and Inefficiencies.


  • Develop Recruitment Programs;
  • Set Project Timelines and Objectives;
  • Establish Project Team;
  • Establish Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators.


  • Initiate Change Management and Communication;
  • Project Launch.


  • Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment;
  • Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs.

Performance Management

  • Conduct Program Reviews;
  • Identify Optimisation Opportunities;
  • Conduct Surveys and Communicate Results.

We Provides Full-Spectrum R&O Expertise and Resources

Due to very tight work loads, administration and businesses often miss their best hiring opportunities. Too occupied to see the best should-be hired employee from the endless applicants. Burgani uses the full spectrum expertise and resources in approaching such:

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